Mount Vernon High's Shawn Houser Fights for Life After Gruesome Accident

Mount Vernon High’s Shawn Houser Fights for Life After Gruesome Accident

Author: Chad Smith | Published On: July 1, 2024

Shawn Houser is a teen from Fortville, Indiana. He is in critical condition after a terrible accident. His family has announced that he’s in dire need of prayers and best wishes.

According to reports, Shawn was the driver in an accident involving four other boys. The four passengers escaped with minor injuries. Shawn suffered severe injuries and is currently hospitalized.

Mount Vernon High School Junior Fighting for Life

Shawn Cameron Houser is a junior at Mount Vernon High School. He confronts a precarious predicament following a catastrophic collision that threatens his existence. A varsity soccer player, Shawn excelled as a forward, standing at 5’11” and 160 lbs. In his sophomore year, he led his team with 8 goals and 2 assists, according to MaxPreps. He also played for the U17 side of Hoosier FC. This showcased his bright future in the sport until the fateful ride with friends.

The Accident

Shawn was driving four friends when the crash occurred. His passengers emerged unharmed. Yet, Shawn suffered the most impact. He’s now in critical condition. Social media posts reveal the severity of his condition following the crash.

Family and Community Support

Khara Christine Sinclair is a family friend. She described the accident on Facebook. She stressed that it’s urgent that Shawn needs prayers. Shawn’s mother, Erin Houser, shared that she saw him sent to the St. Vincent Trauma/Neuroscience ICU. He’s fighting for his life there. Shawn is currently unconscious. He’s on a breathing machine. He has severe injuries, including brain trauma, bleeding, and swelling.

A Mother’s Hope

Erin expressed gratitude. She was thankful that Shawn survived the first 24 hours. She remains hopeful for his recovery. “Please keep the prayers coming and going. He’s definitely fighting to find his way back to us! He’s strong and he’s a fighter. Please pray that he finds his way,” she said.

Erin also thanked everyone for their support. She acknowledged the calls, texts, and outreach from friends, family, and soccer teammates. She praised the NeuroSurgical team at the ICU. They’ve given amazing care and had faith in Shawn’s recovery.

A Path to Greatness Interrupted

Shawn Houser’s accident is a tragic interruption to his promising path. Life can throw unexpected challenges, but there is still hope for a positive outcome. As long as there is life, there is hope. The Houser family and friends hold Shawn in their heartfelt prayers. We join in rooting for Shawn’s full recovery and will provide updates as they become available.

Author: Chad Smith
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